Dawn Wood
Dawn WoodLight Worker, Crystal & Energy Healing. BA(Hons), Dip.MAIR, MFSEM

CLINIC: 01428 654140

MOBILE: 07754 469402

WEBSITE: www.lightandbodyspace.com 


Sessions last approximately 1 hour, allowing time to integrate the healing.
They take place fully clothed, please wear comfortable clothing.

FEE: £55



Crystal & Energy Healing
These are subtle energy therapies that work in the chakra system and aura, the electromagnetic energy field surrounding the physical body. They form a highly structured, intelligent field made up of our emotional, mental and spiritual energy. A healthy aura is radiant with flowing energies and supports an optimal state of physical health. When this flow of life force is blocked it is important to look at what is causing the problem at the root cause. Often we find old patterns that are no longer serving us, lower energies of consciousness, unawakened soul qualities, there may be trauma, childhood wounding or core beliefs that are also out of alignment. These energies are all held in the energy body and can create blocks having the potential to manifest as dis-ease in the body.

Energy healing is a holistic therapy that works on the whole body and assists the natural processes of the body to heal and restore balance. These sessions are suitable for all and support all aspects of healing, they are deeply relaxing, ease anxiety, bring in clarity and help the body to release. They support during life challenges, transforming old patterns and help us to embody more of our limitless self.

Crystal healing is energy work that uses the specific ability of crystals to hold frequency; crystals can absorb, emit and focus energy. They are powerful tools for healing and are used with a high degree of integrity and sensitivity. Crystals are incredibly supportive and can bring through profound levels of healing. The healing energy comes through to work with you at the point of greatest need, supporting you to deeply connect to the felt emotion in the body and reconnect to any loss of power or dissociated parts.


During a healing:
Many people report feeling deeply relaxed, energetic shifts may be noticed, the healings allow the body to deeply relax and access what’s needed to release, clear, ground or balance.
The healing space is sacred, calming and supportive of your being and journey. I work with integrity to empower you, reconnect to places where there has been a loss of life force and bring in clarity on your life purpose. You feel more complete, connected and can gain a higher perspective or greater awareness. The body has it’s own innate wisdom that will naturally restore balance and wholeness. Healing energies are a natural flow of light and vibration at very subtle levels, helping you to achieve greater sense of wellbeing and balance in the body. Energy is the source of our being, where we can express our creative
life force, our uniqueness in the world.
Healing helps us to let go of control and of what’s holding us back from achieving our full potential. You can go deeply into your own process through resistance and blocks, to surrender to the heart’s voice, guidance and intuition.
My training has been an intensive two year course learning to work in a very deep way, using my intuition and higher guidance with a high level of sensitivity to energy. During the course I also engaged in my own inner work and path of self development.