GUDRUN WEIDEMANNDeep Relaxation Practitioner

CLINIC: 01428 654140

MOBILE: 07948 735475

SESSION TIME: 60 minutes

FEES: £50, Gift Vouchers available

APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE: Friday mornings, 9:00am – 1:00pm.

Other times may be available upon request.

Cancellation Fee: If less than 24 hours notice given for cancellation then 50% of treatment cost will apply.

smovey offen

Smoovey ring used in deep relaxation


Gudrun came across this unique modality of deep relaxation when visiting Germany. With her background as a Stress Management Master Practitioner, she was so taken by it, that she travelled to Vienna, to train with the developer, Barbara Neumeyer in 2015.


The invitation is to nurture yourself, to take some time out to completely stop doing and to just drop into your body and simply be.        –  RELAXED


Deep Relaxation Sessions are one of the easiest ways for people to drop into a brain alpha state, which is synonymous with the state where our body regenerates and heals.

The session utilises the power of aroma therapy oils, which are applied on the back, shoulders and arms. Gentle touch, specifically composed neuro-music based on the latest insights of research of relaxation and regeneration to balance the brain halves and the unique smovey vibrations (vibrational rings that are rocked on the body) bringing the cells into vibration and increasing the energy flow in the body.


The combination of aromatherapy oils, music and smovey vibration has a positive effect on the nervous system. It relaxes and revitalises at the same time.

Can induce brain alpha state, the state where the body regenerates and self-heals.

Activation of blood supply – increases supply of nutrients and oxygen to tissue.

Activation of lymph – increases removal of waste products.