Sorrel Wade MSc
Sorrel Wade MScEnergy Healing

CLINIC: 01428 654140

MOBILE: 07380910010


FEE: £66 per session.

Appointments available on Wednesday mornings.

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Sorrel offers energy healing via ‘energy experiences’ and spiritual development advice.  ‘Energy experiences’ utilise Reiki, energy healing, crystal healing, aromatherapy music and meditation.

About Me

This journey began for me as a response to my childhood trauma. I have explored a number of different fields such as Philosophy (in which I have a BA) and Psychology (in which I have an MSc). 

Everything in this universe in its most basic form is energy. Every action, emotion, physiological process requires or creates energy. Sadly, we are not taught how to manage our subtle energy.

However, I found the greatest healing occurred when I became aware of and studied the ‘subtle energies,’ that exist both within us and within our world. I have now been studying energy for over 10 years, and I am also qualified in Reiki.

About My Therapies

I offer Spiritual Development and Energy Healing through ‘Experiences’. During an experience I will tailor the meditation, crystals, aromatherapy, music and energy healing to your needs. Enabling you to heal, become more aware of subtle energies, expand your spiritual connection, and find self-care tools that resonate.

There are four main experiences and I can custom experiences. The aim is to increase awareness of the subtle energies that exist around and within us, to enable healing to occur, and to help the client to find self-care tools that resonate with her or him.

Learning how to interact with these energies can help us when we:

 ~ are trying to break patterns

~ feeling stuck

~ finding it hard to relax

~ are lacking in confidence

~ dealing with many of life’s challenges 

When I began to use energy healing and meditation amongst other practices, I noticed a huge shift in how I felt. Life felt smoother and brighter. 


The four experiences:

CALM ~ Creating a state of calm in the body through:

~ calming meditation

~ lavender aromatherapy

~ energy healing

~ blue calcite and moonstone

LOVE ~ Love is the foundation of our lives, whether it be self-love, love of God and the universe, persons and objects. Connecting to love through:

~ meditation

~ rose aromatherapy

~ energy healing

~ rose quartz crystals

RISE ~ Energising, uplifting, focusing on creating more abundance and creativity within your life through: 

~ tailored meditation

~ aromatherapy using lemon, verbena, palo santo

~ energy healing

~ citrine and orange calcite 

CLEANSE ~ Loss is an important part of life. Sometimes we need help moving on from situations, relationships and patterns that no longer serve us. Cleanse through:

~ cord cutting meditation

~ sage aromatherapy

~ energy healing

~ selenite and quartz