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Anne had struggled with weight she could not lose, was tired all the time and developed arthritic hands. At the end of her initial course Anne lost 18 pounds. She is still losing weight and inches months later. “I feel more energetic, I am pain free and really looking forward to the next decade

Anne, Chichester

I have been with Kim doing the Rejuvadetox Programme for the past 4 weeks. It’s been a complete detox, no dairy, no sugar, no wheat, no alcohol and very strict choice of foods and how and when to eat them. I’m so completely trusting of Kim and her gentle manner. She is very perceptive, empathetic and gentle. This is more than losing weight, it’s life changing. I Have been completely ‘in the zone’ and very dedicated and now no longer crave those naughty things. I’ve lost a stone in a month by eating properly and by working out with Kim what emotional issues were causing my discomfort and large stomach. I’m looking forward to continuing in this vein and using the words ‘in moderation’ and 80-20 rule!! If you feel weighed down with stuff that’s more that just eating the wrong things and whatever you try to do your tummy just won’t disappear then this is the step for you!!

S.A.P. Surrey

I am truly delighted with the RejuvaDetox programme completed with the Olive Tree. I wanted to lose weight and needed a kick start. I had tried and failed on numerous occasions. I could not believe the results which were phenomenal to say the least. Over an intensive 4 week course of diet and treatments I lost a staggering 2 stones!! This was way beyond what I expected. I cannot thank Kim and Mary Lou enough for all their professionalism, support and encouragement throughout. I strongly recommend the RejuvaDetox programme.

PM, Hindhead