ALISON COOPERSound & Energy Healing Therapist, Oracle Card Reader, Mbit Coach, Bereavement Doula, SBD

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Sound Healing: 60 mins to include consultation time

Rahanni Energy Healing: 45 mins                                                                                                                  Fee: £40

Optional add on:
Oracle card reading, 15 mins – £10

Appointments: Weds 9.15 – 1pm

Cancellation Fee:
50% of session cost for less than 24 hours notice given.


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Sound can set a mood. It can inspire us, uplift us, bring out anger and sadness, help us to communicate and express ourselves. Much research shows that sound can help reduce stress, create a sense of well-being and promote healing at a deep level.

Whilst sound therapy is now becoming more popular in the West, it is actually a return to ancient cultural practises. Thanks to science in the modern world we know that the denser an object is, slower it’s vibration is and the lighter something is, the faster the vibration is & we are all vibrational beings.

Matter is merely energy in a state of vibration.

The sound and vibrations received in a session ease you into a deep meditative, relaxed state. In this state stress hormones decrease and that’s important because stress can depress every aspect of the immune system. The sound vibrations impact every cell of the body and this all comes together as energy medicine to promote self-healing.

When a person is vibrationally out of balance then the body gives you signals such as physical or emotional pain and eventually, disease. Sound can assist in bringing everything back into harmony and balance.


Each session is tailored to your needs after a full consultation. You will lay fully clothed on a padded mattress on the floor or a therapy couch if that is not possible for you/preferred. After being made comfortable and cosy with cushions and blankets the Tibetan sound bowls will be placed around you
and possibly on you if found appropriate from your consultation. You will be guided into a relaxed state and then you will be bathed in wonderful relaxing sounds. You may or may not be taken on a journey in your mind, often people fall asleep and this is good as it switches off any conscious thoughts. There may be periods of quiet during the session for the sounds to integrate and these are
important, you will always know the end of a session when you hear my voice again.

*Sound baths are not recommended if you have a pacemaker or experience epilepsy. It is your responsibility to check sound baths are suitable for you to attend, I recommend that you always check with your doctor if in doubt.


When receiving Rahanni it is similar to Reiki whereby you stay fully clothed and just relax but it is a 5th dimensional healing modality that works on a higher vibration and a deeper level, therefore cutting down the healing time. Rahanni vibrates on a pink ray of light healing the heart centre, bringing forth love and compassion, it is not based on any one religion: it is our natural essence. It can help bring balance back in to our body and therefore our life by releasing fears and emotions absorbed throughout our lives and the body can begin to heal itself as well as help with communication.

 Who Can Benefit?

Everybody, including pregnant ladies and children…who are very open to these higher energies. You do not have to ‘understand’ Rahanni for it to work, just be open and have a desire to accept the healing energy.

What Happens During A Treatment?

Remaining fully clothed, the healing session usually takes place with the person lying down on the couch although it can also be performed seated on a chair.
The Rahanni practitioner will then connect to the healing vibration and proceed to channel the light energies through to you, via the hands.

The actual treatment session may typically last between 20 -45 minutes depending on what your body is requiring. For children it is anything from 5 -25 mins.

You may feel warmth and tingles, usually falling into a deep relaxation and sometimes sleep. It is an individual experience.
You are advised to rest as needed, drink water, and avoid alcohol and caffeine for the next 24-48 hours if possible.

Initially it is best to have a course of three treatments for optimum results. After this we will assess the situation together and decide if further treatments are required. We all have different needs and responses, your body will decide exactly how much healing light is required.

ORACLE CARD READING – optional add on

If you would like to receive any additional guidance on your relationships, love, career or anything you feel stuck with then I can give you a 15 minute oracle card reading at the end. The guidance is always confidential and done with love.