Rosemary Knight
Rosemary KnightSwedish Massage Therapist

CLINIC: 01428 654140

MOBILE: 07842 397770

SESSION TIME: 30, 60 or 90 mins

FEE: £30, £40 or £60


Rosemary is a qualified Swedish massage therapist. Rosemary believes that we live in an increasingly complex and fast-paced society, meaning that taking a little time out for ourselves is more important than ever.

Swedish massage is a firm body massage that uses long, gliding strokes to relax the entire body. Massage has many benefits, including:

  • Improved circulation of both the cardiovascular and the lymphatic systems

  • Easing muscular strain and tension

  • Decreasing muscle toxins

  • Reducing emotional and physical stress

Other treatments available are hot stone massage, pregnancy massage, lomi lomi and manual lymphatic drainage.