PAULA FORTIER MAWell-Being Therapist and Coach

BACP Number: 00926288

CLINIC: 01428 654140

MOBILE: 07913 241014


Massage: 60 minutes.

Massage and Well Being Coaching: 45 minutes Massage and 15 minutes well being coaching.

Well Being Coaching and Therapy: 60 minutes


Massage: £60.

Massage and Well Being Coaching: £70

Well Being Coaching and Therapy: £80


 Cancellation Policy: 24 hours before appointment or full fee charged.

Appointments available Thursday Mornings (8am – 1pm), weekends and evenings also available by appointment.

Do you want to change something in your life or feel better?

Paula offers you an integrated approach to wellness, with over 35 years experience in education and training in mind, body and spirit. Warm, open hearted, with professional boundaries and a deep respect for individuals knowing their way intuitively, Paula knows that ‘life changes’ can challenge us and we all benefit from kindness and support as we explore our return to well being.

Paula is a present, attentive counsellor and guide. Being in ceremony with Indigenous elders of the Maya and Native American tradition, educated and licensed in Counselling and Massage Therapy, ordained an Interfaith Minister – Paula practices integration daily within herself and with nature.

It is understood that true well-being comes when we have balance in our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. Paula offers an integrated approach to wellness for you to bring balance to your life. Understanding your goals and stressors, through discussion and experience in sessions, you can develop a toolbox of skills and awareness to use to increase your well-being every day.

Physical well-being: If you want to receive treatments to increase relaxation, reduce inflammation, and increase your energy Paula offers far infrared treatmentsmassage therapy (an eclectic blend of Swedish, neuromuscular, lymphatic/neuromuscular), walk and talk or walk and roll (wheelchair) therapy, and instruction in various stretch and movement approaches.

Mental/emotional  well-being: Using your self knowledge and discussion in a session, you can elect to work in a more traditional counselling/therapy approach,  walk and talk or walk and roll (wheelchair) therapy, or call in the wisdom of the indigenous Native American and Mayan Traditions to support your awareness of yourself in the world. Revitalising your sense of well-being and resolve both specific concerns of day to day life or future life planning and more global feelings of disconnection from Mother Earth and nature.

Spiritual well-being: If you are feeling a desire to enhance your spiritual well-being in a session, you could explore a Mayan healing, develop a meditation practice, work through the blocks to staying with your existing practice or receive support for reconnecting with your intuitive self, exploring mindfulness and the power of presence in bringing joy and reducing stress.

WHAT TO EXPECT IN A SESSION: The integrated approach to wellness means your bespoke session can address all aspects of your well-being.  For instance, you may want to have infrared to aid in detox, loosen muscles, reduce chronic pain and strengthen immunity and receive a scalp and neck massage, or maybe do walk and talk counselling and combine some specific movement therapy. Or you may just want to be on your own in the warmth of the infrared.

Single sessions in counselling for mental emotional wellness take place in the Olive Tree or outdoors or online. Walk and Talk/Walk and Roll (wheelchair) offers the support of nature and the elements to further balance emotional and mental well-being.

In physical wellness, massage and infrared therapy take place at the Olive Tree or may be arranged in mobile locations. Movement can be incorporated into any chosen session

Single sessions of spiritual well-being may include mentoring and/or practice. Guidance will be given for after the session to complete your healing.

A discussion of your goals for life and well-being will be anchor our time together and evolve organically.

Our working together in a series of sessions, is not formulaic and my extensive experiences allow me to help you develop an individualised and evolving toolbox for you to use in your life.

A free 15 minute consultation is available to see if we have a fit.